Builders Base Template Vault


Excel and Word are your best friend. Once you get to know them you can rely on them to support you and get the job done. That is until you're ready to move to 'the cloud' for systems on steroids.   See Technology Tools.


Until then, feel free to help yourself to these simple no fuss templates to get you started.  You can also find loads of template from Microsoft or even by Googling something like 'to do list template' and see what pops up.  The thing to remember is use Excel for any numbers, sums, column related needs and Word for formatting, images, business cards, etc.


                                                      - Download the Free Trial from this website for easy & practical tips for using Excel. Highly recommended!


                                                      - Quick Start Guides for Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Project, etc.



We will be adding more all the time so keep checking back to find what you need.  Want to SUGGEST a template or can't find what you are looking for? EMAIL SUGGESTIONS HERE