Fleetpin GPS Vehicle Tracking Launches New Health and Safety Package

Keeping our mobile workforce safe while they are on the job and ensuring they get home safe to their families each night is important to everyone in the construction industry.

We place a lot of emphasis on hazards at worksites, but it’s all too easy to forget that vehicles used by employees and contractors to carry out work duties are also our responsibility. New Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act explicitly includes work vehicles as a work site and requires those responsible for health and safety to identify, minimise and actively monitor risks.

Vehicles need to be safe for our staff to operate – maintained and certified. The way vehicles are driven needs to be monitored so we can be alert for accidents and work on improving driving behaviour together. It’s also important to know that our mobile workforce are where they are meant to be, in safe zones avoiding hazardous areas and back safe to the yard at night.

GPS vehicle tracking technology can play a key role in supporting the construction industry with tools to manage the health and safety of a mobile workforce. Fleetpin is a New Zealand owned and operated family business that supports hundreds of small to medium businesses all around New Zealand with rugged GPS devices perfect for the construction industry and slick web and mobile apps.

Director, Justin McCormack, who also plays a key role in the development of the web app says: “Like many small businesses, Fleetpin started with a laptop and my ute, but with feedback from our customers about what they need from GPS technology, we’ve developed a tool that really works for people, on the back of that we’ve grown into a serious provider in the marketplace”.

In November, Fleetpin will be showcasing their wares at the Auckland Build Expo and will take the opportunity to launch a new Health and Safety package. A GPS hardwired into your work vehicles provides an opportunity to be alert to risks, identify them, minimise them and importantly to actively monitor them. It’s a critical tool in your arsenal to manage your health and safety responsibilities.

Fleetpin’s Health and Safety package includes:

  • Live tracking – have real-time visibility of your mobile workforce
  • In-vehicle SOS buttons – call/text designated numbers to indicate distress and receive location so you can take immediate action
  • Impact alert – call/text designated numbers to indicate a crash and receive location so you can take immediate action
  • Harsh driving reporting – monitor overspeed, harsh cornering and braking, share reports and build a safe driving culture
  • In-vehicle driving alerts – guide your workforce with a siren/LED kit to indicate overspeed and sharp cornering
  • Location alert – call/text designated numbers when a vehicle enters a hazard zone or arrives safely back to the depot
  • Vehicle maintenance reminder and report to provide safe and certified vehicles

If you’ve got staff out and about in work vehicles or machines, whether this is driving between building sites or working on construction projects in remote areas and you’re serious about their health and safety, check Fleetpin out – www.fleetpin.co.nz; 0800 110 820.

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